Group Class

A weekly group class is required by all Suzuki violin students in addition to private lessons.  These classes teach students the skills needed to play together in an ensemble.  Students learn continuing refinement of review pieces, leadership skills, theory, and note reading.  The use of games and activities spark students' creativity and interest.  Watching and hearing other students perform in group class provides an invaluable modeling opportunity.  Many students will tell me the things they have noticed or learned by listening to others in group class.  Social connection with other students on the same type of musical journey is very motivational.  The friendships formed in group class last throughout the student's lives.  Many parents also comment on how much they learn in group class from talking with other parents and watching the children play.  The group length is 30 minutes to an hour depending upon the age of the group and level.

The benefits of Sue’s group classes were many. They expose the kids to new and different concepts around playing in a group and working well with others. They allowed us to feel more connected to other studio members, as though being part of a team. The benefits are for the parents too as many of us shared practice tips regularly. Group class was something we looked forward to every week.
— Kellie Conner, parent

Private Lessons

Using the Suzuki Philosophy, private lessons consist of the "Suzuki Triangle" (See other page) where the parent, child and teacher all work as a team in learning.  The parent is very integral in not only lessons, but practicing at home on a daily basis with the child.  The parent takes notes, pictures, and videos to assist in helping the family remember what needs to happen at home after the lessons.  This kind of lessons may be very different to the kind parents remember as a child, when being 'left off' at lessons and picked up later.  The private lessons are 30 minutes initially until the student starts reading music, and having longer practice times.