Pre-Twinklers come in all sizes and ages.  The term simply means that the student is learning all the foundational skills of the instrument needed to be ready to play the first song in the Suzuki repertoire:  Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.

Box Violin & Pretend bow

I provide every beginning student a box violin and bow as we begin learning together.  Letting your child know that this is the process all students begin with, will help them celebrate their real violin with great enthusiasm.  Progress through this stage is unique to every person, according to their age and dexterity and ability to focus.  With the foundational steps accomplished, there will be great success with good tone when the real instrument is attained.

You wouldn’t pull on the head of a little flower, trying to get it to grow faster... you would only destroy it. I explain, as the book says, we just need to pull up the weeds around the seed and sprinkle the ground with water. Prepare the environment, be patient, persevere, and allow the child to grow - all in their own time, never on our schedule.
— Danette Schuh: Spring 2014 SAA Journal Article

I know every parent and student are eager to begin making music immediately, but the honest reality is that the violin is one of the most difficult instruments to learn.  There are many things that students/parents will need to master before working on the real violin:

Parent education 

Daily Listening to Suzuki CD

Foot and body stillness

Focus in greater intervals

Left and Right hand coordination

Pitch discrimination

Rhythm and beat  

I will let you know with plenty of time to get your violin sized and purchased or rented prior to when you will need it in lessons.

Please refrain from buying or renting a violin before coming to your first lesson.  I will assist in sizing and location of a good quality instrument.